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March 9, 2012

TCM Mastering Offers Professional, Fast & Affordable Online Mastering

TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group offers professional, fast and affordable Online Mastering and Recording services for today’s musicians.

We get asked a lot of questions at TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group. Many relate to vocals, choice of songs and how to get the best out of a performance. So this week we thought we’d discuss just that.

From the TCM Mastering Studios, Ted Carfrae owner and founder of TCM, first considers some invaluable advice from a music legend – Quincy Jones.

TCM often gets asked, how to get the best out of a vocalist. In the video below, Ted explains how many top producers get that ‘magical’ performance.

Using the techniques discussed in the video above are only part of the story. Good mic technique is essential if you’re striving for a great vocal recording.

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TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group provide a full and comprehensive service to the music industry.

Originally started by multi-platinum record producer Ted Carfrae, today TCM is fronted by Ted in the UK and CJ Boggs in the USA.

Their aim is to provide a totally professional, fast and affordable service to all musicians, pro and amateur alike.

TCM Music Group have produced, mixed and mastered for some of the biggest names in the music business. They’ve worked with all the major record labels worldwide and as producers and engineers have amassed over 25 million in sales.

Most clients are repeat customers and over the years, many have become firm friends. Ted and CJ are particularly interested in helping up and coming, new artists. For more information, go to our websites TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group. Or check out our contact details below.



October 14, 2011

TCM Mastering & TCM Music Group Owner And Founder, Ted Carfrae Discusses How To Achieve A Great Vocal Recording.

In our Monday blogs (TCM Mastering: Home Music Studio Series) we’re currently discussing the multitrack process. So we thought it might be useful to include a few videos that relate to this series – specifically recording vocals – as most great songs are best remembered for their vocal performance.

In the first video below, Ted Carfrae owner and founder of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group, discusses vocal recording, microphone technique and finding your microphone’s ‘sweet spot’ to get that great vocal sound.

In the second video, Ted discusses how he and many other producers and engineers achieve a ‘magical’ vocal performance in the recording studio.

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July 21, 2011

TCM Music Group’s Ted Carfrae Discusses Vocal Tips and Microphone Techniques

TCM’s Ted Carfrae discusses some important vocal tips and in the video at the end of this blog considers microphone technique.

If you’ve watched and listened to a really good singer, they make it look so effortless don’t they. Making it look easy usually comes after many years of rehearsing and practice. There are child prodigies of course, which make you think they must be just naturally talented…..but even prodigies practice.

A Unique Vocalist – Ella Fitzgerald.

In fact studies have shown that virtuoso musicians for the most part have become virtuosos because they have spent several hours every day perfecting their craft over many years, at the expense of doing other things…, having a life.

In other words, for most virtuosos there’s no short cut to becoming the best in your field. It simply takes lots and lots of practice. As Nike said ‘Just Do It’.

So if you want to become a great singer, be prepared to put in those hours and learn your craft. Apart from any natural talent you may have, there are certain things you can do to help you get there.

Vocalist Recording – Standing, Upright Posture.

Let’s start with some basics…..posture and breathing.

You can’t expect your vocals to sound good if you’re bent over. Stand up straight so that your lungs can fill with air…..straight spine…..feet slightly apart…..look straight ahead…..shoulders back and relaxed…..arms down by your side.

To become a great singer you need to be able to control your breathing. Make full use of your diaphragm to take deep breaths… the throat…..ribs expand, opening the lungs… you breath out, the chest moves in and air is expelled.

Consider the points below too…..

  • Stretching your whole body before singing can often produce beneficial results. Give yourself a good mini-workout.
  • Milk and citrus fluids can produce mucous which does not do your voice any favours. Water is good, it keeps you and your vocal chords hydrated.
  • Vocal warm up exercises are useful if you’re recording or going for an audition.
  • If you have an important audition or recording session, don’t over do it the night before. Talking over loud music in a smokey bar or at a party will strain your voice.
  • Make use of a recorder to capture a rehearsal and play it back so that you can hear the positives as well as any negatives with your voice.

Zoom H4 Handy Recorder – Excellent Quality In A Small Device.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to, improve your vocal technique.

And in case you’re thinking your favourite rocker doesn’t do all this – well, some don’t that’s true…..many successful singers appear to break all the rules, but even they have voice coaches and trainers…..these days.

Check out the video below. Ted Carfrae (singer, producer, sound mixer and founder of TCM Music Group) discusses vocal performance and microphone technique.

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July 7, 2011

TCM Mastering – Latest News: Exclusive Doris Day BBC Radio 2 Play

World Exclusive First Play Of The New Doris Day Song ‘Heaven Tonight’ – On Paul O’Grady’s BBC 2 Radio Show.

On Sunday 3 July 2011, British fans of Doris Day had an absolute treat as they were given the first listen to one of the all-new songs from Ms. Day’s upcoming album ‘MY HEART’. Sony Music UK released to British radio the catchy ‘Heaven Tonight’ which was written by Beach Boys’ legend Bruce  Johnston.

Doris Day’s – ‘My Heart’ On Paul O’Grady’s BBC Radio 2 Show.

The previously unreleased recording received its first play on BBC Radio 2 during Paul O’Grady’s popular Sunday show at 5pm (UK time). For  those who do not know, O’Grady is one of Britain’s best loved comedians and television presenters. He is also known to be a huge admirer of Ms. Day so it seems entirely appropriate that he was bestowed with the honour of  launching her new album.

The new release – ‘MY HEART’ features new production work by the acclaimed multi-platinum selling producer Ted Carfrae who is best known for his work with David Cassidy and Engelbert Humperdinck as well as British singer Jane McDonald.

At the moment TCM are offering a RED HOT SUMMER DEAL – Ted Carfrae owner and founder of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group will mix and master a track for £175.00 inclusive. For more information please contact TCM by clicking here.


July 1, 2011

TCM Mastering Latest News:

TCM Mastering’s Ted Carfrae has finished mastering a new compilation by the legendary Petula Clark, entitled ‘Downtown The Collection’ for the Universal/Spectrum label.

Petula Clark: Downtown The Collection.

The 20 track collection comprises all of Clark’s hits and selected album tracks – you can see full track listing by clicking here.

CYLiX – Alpha

Ted also recently mastered ‘So Much For Love’ by CYLiX on their ‘Alpha’ album which has received lots of airplay and great reviews. The Greek synthpop/EBM Band’s album is released on the German label – Life Is Painful Records.

TCM Mastering along with the TCM Music Group have been providing

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June 23, 2011

TCM Music Group and TCM Mastering Produce, Mix and Master the upcoming new album by Doris Day for Sony UK

TCM’s Ted Carfrae has Produced, Mixed and Mastered the new album by Doris Day entitled ‘My Heart’, for Sony UK.

Comprising 12 tracks some originally recorded in 1985, Ted Carfrae and music partner CJ Boggs re-recorded most of the tracks at their studio’s in Nashville Tennessee, working with top session musicians. The album was mixed and mastered at TCM’s UK music studios.

Doris Day’s Latest Album – My Heart – Released on Sony UK.

My Heart is the latest and long-awaited studio album from legendary Hollywood singer and actress Doris Day. This is Doris Day’s first  studio album of new material in 17 years – a dozen songs of a timeless  quality, with nine brand-new recordings originally produced by Day’s late son, Terry Melcher.

All the selections have been updated, produced and remixed by top UK record producer Ted Carfrae, plus there is a trio of Day classics. Doris Day has been fully involved with the musical selections for this special release.

Her son Terry Melcher, who was known as a songwriter and producer for folk-rock  pioneers The Byrds (“Mr. Tambourine Man”) and other artists, co-wrote four of the new songs with Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston…..the  emotional title track “My Heart,”  the romantic “The Way I Dreamed It,”  the haunting “Happy Endings” (sung by Melcher with a newly recorded  spoken-word introduction by Day for her fans) and the single release  “Heaven Tonight.”

Also on the set list are three classic rock-era  favorites: Joe Cocker’s beautiful ballad “You Are So Beautiful”, the  Lovin’ Spoonful’s joyful 1966 hit “Daydream” and The Beach Boys’ nostalgic “Disney Girls,” the latter written by Bruce Johnston.

The album will be released on September 5th 2011 and can be pre-ordered now from by following this link.

If you’re a legend in the making and you have some tracks that need polishing…..whether it’s producing, recording, mixing or mastering… us. We’re always happy to offer any help we can.


June 3, 2011

TCM Music Group – Produced and Mastered Latest Album Release From Doris Day

TCM Mastering’s Ted Carfrae Produced and Mastered the latest release ‘My Heart’ from legendary movie star and singer, Doris Day. It’s a stunning collection of 12 original recordings released by the UK division of Sony. For release date and track details, click here.

Latest News 7th June:

Billboard Magazine Article: Legendary singer and actress Doris Day releases 29th album September 5th 2011 via Sony UK. Check out the Artists In This Article ”Doris Day To Release 29th Album”.

Other News: Apart from the Mastering work, Ted has been busy lately helping up and coming artists both here in the UK and in Nashville, USA.

If you need help understanding the mastering or recording process, you can find some informative videos on You Tube that Ted has produced. Or follow our Home Music Studio series published every Monday.

Check out the video below…..Ted explains the subtleties of using EQ and Compression on a music track pre-mastering.

Pre-Mastering with Ted Carfrae

If you have any questions about recording, mixing or mastering feel free to contact us or drop us a line. We’re here to help.