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May 26, 2011


TCM Music Group’s CJ Boggs – Pro Tools expert – has just started on the Taylor Swift 2011 USA tour. CJ has completed the European leg of the tour and is looking forward to an exciting series of major gigs.

The USA tour kicked off in Nashville, Tennessee last Saturday and runs through ’til November, finishing in New York. Many of the venues are already sold out.

Meanwhile CJ’s daughter, Nicole Boggs has just recorded vocals for a sampler CD that was produced by TCM. She is also working with legendary drummer Ed Green, keyboardist Michael Holmes, bassist Bob Marinelli and guitarist Scott Van Zen.

Nicole has been working very hard with CJ on her demos and is in demand and getting a name for herself in music city, Nashville.

TCM have been providing

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May 20, 2011

Professional, Fast and Affordable Mastering at TCM Mastering

Do you want your music to stand out from the crowd?

Many musicians attempt to master their own music tracks. Some succeed in getting great results. However, many end up with a final mastered track or collection of tracks that lack punch, clarity and definition.

The problem is…’s very difficult to be objective about your own music which you’ve spent days, weeks or months writing, recording and mixing. And then finally master it for the world to hear and judge.

Ted Carfrae and CJ Boggs at TCM Mastering have been writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering music for decades.

Despite having years of experience working with EMI, Sony Music, Universal Music and everyone from Katherine Jenkins, David Cassidy, Jaki Graham to Cilla Black, Ted still seeks out another mastering engineer for his own projects because he values a fresh pair of experienced ears.

Ted Carfrae of TCM Mastering explains the importance of getting your music mastered by a professional.

Fronted by top record producers and engineers Ted Carfrae and CJ Boggs, with worldwide sales exceeding 25 million, the TCM Music Group understands what musicians want and can deliver services quickly, efficiently and at a rate to suit every pocket.


April 8, 2011

Quincy Jones’ Advice To TCM’s Ted Carfrae

In the Home Music Studio’s series of blogs we’ve been discussing the ‘mechanics’ of recording…..what gear to use and how to best use the gear of your choice. We’ve also touched on the temptations of using all the facilities at hand…..the hundreds of tracks available with some digital systems, the endless choice of plug-ins and signal processing you have at your fingertips today…..and advised that ‘more’ isn’t always better.

Careful choice of instruments – how they are arranged and produced, determines how good a track will sound at the end of the day. But equally important is the choice of the song. As Quincy Jones explained to Ted, if a song doesn’t connect with you it’s going to be much harder to make it work and convince other people that it works.

It’s often good to get advice and feedback from others before you spend too much time on a song. Take those comments and use them positively to improve your music. You have to stay true to yourself obviously, but remember it’s very easy to get carried away with your own ideas and think they’re right. This is especially true if you’re working on your own as a solo artist and overdubbing every instrument yourself. The feedback you get from collaboration and listening to others can sometimes be priceless.

If you have any more questions on the Mastering process either contact us or check out the FAQs on the TCM Mastering website. We love to hear from you.

TCM MASTERING: Petula Clark and a Cult Movie

January 31, 2011

Latest Mastering News:

TCM Master a New Petula Clark Readers Digest Career Spanning 3CD Set.
Readers Digest have released the 3 CD Essential Collection mastered by TCM’s Ted Carfrae last October.

The Time Traveller DVD is available in the US:

80’s Cult film ‘The Time Traveller’ is available on DVD in the US. The 1982 film, originally titled ‘The Next One’ (later retitled: The Time Traveller) features the song ‘The Next One’ which was sung by TCM’s Ted Carfrae.

Ted says about the recording session; “I was only about twenty years old and my manager at the time got me the gig, the song was written by the late, great Stanley Myers, Richard Harvey and the films director Nico Mastorakis who also attended the recording session. Nico was an iconic Greek film director with a hugely respected body of work, so it was great to be working with him.

I  remember that the song was set in a really high key for me and they wanted it to sound sort of angelic and like a choir boy.

That was a bit of a tall order because at the time I was singing in a rock band which was interesting in itself because the bandmembers were made up of some of the sons of sixties band The Shadows. We had Warren Bennett [son of Brian] on drums and Bruce Welch’s son on guitar.

Anyway, back to the story – we recorded at The Snake Ranch studios in Chelsea, London and as it turned out, it was a fateful and historic day for all the wrong reasons.

During the recording session there was an enourmous bang and the room shook violently. We stopped what we were doing and rushed outside thinking it was a gas explosion or something, we looked around and could see black smoke rising in the air and realised it had been an explosion of some kind.

We returned to the studio and turned on the news and they reported a massive IRA bomb at the Chelsea Barracks just down the road from us. It was a huge shock to me particularly back then realising firstly just how close we were to the barracks and secondly the many wonderful men and animals that died that day.

Hours later, after the initial shock of what had just happened, we finished the song and I remember it being really hard to concentrate and hit those really high notes. I’ve never ever forgotten the experience.”

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TCM Mastering: Happy New Year

January 8, 2011

Happy New Year to everyone.

All of us at TCM Mastering hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday break and look forward to a fantastic 2011. We wish all our clients the best for the New Year and are very excited at what 2011 holds in store for us all.

Now that the holiday festivities are over, it’s time to get back to the blog and the Music. Whether you have a single track or a collection of songs – feel free to contact us and find out what TCM Mastering can do for you. If you’re not sure what Mastering entails, you can click on Frequently Asked Questions which should answer most of your queries.

The next blog will mention useful tips for microphone technique.

TCM Mastering-Artist Releases

December 18, 2010

  • TCM Mastering has just mastered a new song for singer songwriter Michael Constantino, entitled ‘Edge of Insanity’. This is yet another great track from his upcoming new album due for release early in the New Year.
  • Ted Carfrae has produced a new album for screen legend Doris Day entitled ‘My Love’ and is due for release in March 2011 in time for Mother’s Day.
  • Ted has also re-mixed a number of previously unreleased songs by singer Helen Reddy for an album of unreleased gems – Now available in the USA on Collectors Choice Records.
  • Other re-mixes of previously unreleased songs by Jackie DeShannon and BJ Thomas are now available in the USA on the Sony’s Collectors Choice series.
  • Plus – Grant and Forsyth’s Christmas Album ‘At Christmas’ produced by Ted is available in stores throughout Holland and online too.


TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group Relaunch!

December 11, 2010

  • Latest News!!!!….Producers Ted Carfrae and CJ Boggs have launched the TCM Music Group, with studios based in Nashville, USA and the UK. The TCM Music Group are on a mission to pass on their experience and expertise to up and coming singer/songwriters, enabling them to work with top Nashville session musicians offering a range of affordable recording packages. Professional recording is now available for everyone. For more information visit TCM Music Group. Or send an e-mail to
  • Giant USA TV company asks TCM Music Group to check tuning of live vocals for upcoming TV performance series.
  • TCM Mastering relaunched website in July 2010.
  • For all clients TCM Mastering is now supplying Red Book standard DDP files of your album that can then be sent directly to your replication plant for CD pressing.
  • Radio Interview – Multi Platinum Producer Ted Carfrae recently took part in a radio interview for Radio Free Nashville. Ted was interviewed by host Joe Rieg for a segment during his Saturday night The Radio Stage programme. Joe asked Ted about his career and any advice he could give to up and coming new singer/songwriters.
  • Ted and CJ joined Troy Luccketa (drummer with rock band Tesla) at TCM’s Nashville Studio for a new photo shoot for the new TCM Music Group website.