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April 6, 2012

TCM Mastering: How To Choose A Hit Song…..The Best Advice The Great Quincy Jones Ever Gave Me.

In the late eighties, I lived in Los Angeles. I was signed as a songwriter to a production company called RUFMIX Productions owned by a good friend of mine, the great Taavi Mote, one of the best mixing engineers I have every worked with.

Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones.

One day, I was invited to Westlake Audio studios (where Michael Jackson recorded the Thriller album). That day I met one of my all time idols, the great Quincy Jones.

I was young and totally in awe of this great pioneer of popular music and completely by chance I got the opportunity to sit down with him for a few minutes and have a short chat.

I was so nervous thinking ‘What do I ask him?’ – I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime and didn’t want to blow it. So the first thing I thought to ask was ‘How do you choose a hit song?’ – after all Quincy Jones has produced more than most.

Ted Carfrae At The Mixing Console.

As it turned out, Quincy gave this young sound engineer the best advice ever – very simple advice that I have used all my professional life since.

Quincy simply said, “I choose songs that I like on a personal level, I never approach a record thinking that this song or that song is a hit song. I pick songs that move me in some way, that touch my soul deep inside”.

He went on to say that “logically, with billions of people on the planet, there are going to be millions of other people who will also love the song, and millions who will not and that is good enough”. With that he was called back into the studio, he shook my hand and wished me luck and that was it.

Ted Carfrae Owner & Founder Of TCM Music Group & TCM Mastering With A Few Clients & Friends.

I remember telling my friends that I had met Quincy Jones that day, I just couldn’t believe my luck. Those few minutes with Quincy were so profound for me because I remember how kind he was to me, he didn’t have to bother at all but he shook my hand and looked me in the eye when he spoke to me.

At that moment he was interested in me and answering my question, simple as it may seem, that short time with him has stayed with me ever since and barely a day goes by when he doesn’t cross my mind in some way.

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Several years later when I started producing albums myself, selecting songs to record, I approached each project the same way as Quincy told me to – picking songs that I like, that speak to me on a personal level.

Quincy won’t remember meeting me that day back in 1988, but I will never forget that for that very short time, I was in the presence of somebody very special indeed.

Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson…..A Totally Live Tribute To The Great Michael Jackson.

Incidentally, if you’re a Michael Jackson fan, check out West 1 Entertainment’s: Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson. This is not just another tribute act, but a sincere tribute to the music of Michael Jackson. Whereas most tribute acts use backing tracks, Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson, is 100% live.

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January 6, 2012

TCM Mastering: Do’s & Don’ts Before Sending Your Music For Mastering

Before getting your music mastered at TCM Mastering it’s important to follow these Do’s and Don’ts…..Ted Carfrae in the TCM Mastering Studio, explains in the videos below.

1. Mix quality is very important. Remember, if your mix is unbalanced or of poor quality, there is little that mastering can do to improve it.

2. We recommend you use any of the following high quality audio file formats when making your music: WAV, AIFF, SDII at 16 or 24 bit sample rates, or higher (each of these formats are accepted by TCM Mastering).

Although we can accept MP3 files (with a minimum bit rate of 192Kbps) we would strongly recommend that you do not work in this format as they are of a compressed, substandard quality and not ideal for high end mastering.

3. Your final mixes should not have any additional processing such as: Normalising, Equalisation, Compression, Limiting or Finalizing. All of these elements will be added during the mastering process.

4. We recommend that if you do intend to compress your audio files prior to uploading, that you use the Windows RAR/Winzip format which can compress your files without loss of quality.

The most important person to us is you, our client. We need to know exactly what your expectations are of the music you are sending to us. Music is subjective and therefore the more guidance we have from you at the beginning, the better the end result.

So when you place an order with TCM Mastering, we ask you to take the time to complete the ‘Special Instructions’ box of our online order form. If you have any questions drop us a line or call us, the contact details are at the end of this blog post.

You can take a look at some of TCM’s recent clients here.

Clockwise From Top Left: Ted Carfrae & Jaki Graham; In The TCM Mastering Studio;  With Cilla Black; David Cassidy & Mike Tocci; Ted With Awards; Ted, CJ and Troy Luccketta.

TCM Mastering is a division of the TCM Music Group which was founded by record producer and mastering engineer Ted Carfrae. TCM offers the following professional, fast and affordable services: Record Production, Mixing Services, Audio Mastering & Audio Restoration.

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March 18, 2011

Latest News: New W1 Entertainment Agency Launch

TCM’s Ted Carfrae is working on a new venture with longtime friend, associate and musician JB. Ted and JB are setting up a brand new entertainment agency called W1 (West 1) Entertainment Ltd.

Ted says. ”There are already lots of agencies out there but they don’t offer the level of service that we will offer. Our approach is different because W1 will be an agency for performers, run by performers. So we intend to offer a level of service that is totally customer focussed. For us it is all about quality so we will only represent the best entertainers and we will be very selective.”

”I see this as a natural extension of the TCM Music Group and its ongoing mission to offer excellence, so I am very excited to get into the world of live entertainment.”

W1 Entertainment will launch around the end of April.

TCM will of course continue to provide professional, fast and affordable audio mastering, mixing and restoration services.

If you would like more information on any of the services we provide at TCM, contact us by clicking here.