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April 13, 2012

TCM Mastering: Why Have Your Music Professionally Mastered?

Why have your music professionally mastered? TCM’s Ted Carfrae discusses the advantages of employing a fresh pair of experienced ears to work on your music project, in the video below.

Fronted by award winning, multi-platinum record producers and sound mixers Ted Carfrae and CJ Boggs, the TCM Music Group has the experience and professionalism to help you with your music project at any stage from conception to final mastering at a price anyone can afford.

Left to Right: Bruce Johnston (Beach Boys), Steve Hackett (Genesis & Supergroup GTR) and Ted Carfrae (TCM Music Group), Recently Interviewed At The BBC, London.

TCM have been offering a professional, fast and affordable service to the music community for over thirty years, having worked with most of the major record labels. Their clients range from new, up and coming artists to established international musicians.

It’s also worth mentioning, TCM are experts in audio restoration and have done work for the BBC and Sky Satellite Radio as well as smaller independent music houses.

Take a look at some of the clients TCM has worked with recently.

In the video below, Ted Carfrae of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group explains what the music mastering process involves and why you should consider having your music professionally mastered.

If you’d like more information on what Ted and the TCM team can do for you and your music, give us a call or drop us a line. Our contact details can be found by clicking here.

Ted has also formed a new company with business partner James Baker – West 1 Entertainment – covering artist mangement and promotion. Both Ted and James are currently busy working with Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson… incredible 100% live act that pays tribute to the great Michael Jackson. If you love Michael Jackson, check out the link above.



December 2, 2011

TCM Mastering: Doris Day ‘My Heart’ Album Gets USA Release December 2nd 2011

The new Doris Day album ‘My Heart’ which recently took the UK charts by storm, is set for its US release December 2nd, on Doris Day’s own Arwin label with an additional bonus track.

Ted Carfrae of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group was thrilled to be asked to produce the Grammy award winning singer’s latest release, which went on to chart in the UK top ten, after its release in September.

Doris Day’s hit album, ‘My Heart’ is to be released in the US on her own Arwin record label. Over recent years, Arwin have been responsible for releasing Day’s back catalogue of television specials and her popular seventies television comedy series, ‘The Doris Day Show’.

The album will include an additional song, not included in the European release entitled ‘Stewball’ which features Doris Day’s son Terry Melcher.

All proceeds from “My Heart” will go to the Doris Day Animal Foundation, located in Carmel Valley, Calif.

L to R: Bruce Johnston, Steve Hackett & Ted Carfrae At The BBC, London.

Ted recently met up with Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys at the BBC, when they were interviewed about the Doris Day album. Ex-Genesis and supergroup GTR guitarist Steve Hackett who was also at the Beeb that day, joined the guys for a photo.

For more information and an interview with Ted Carfrae discussing the Doris Day ‘My Heart’ album, click here.


September 30, 2011

TCM Music Group News – Ted Carfrae Meets The Legendary Bruce Johnston, 22nd September 2011

TCM’s Ted Carfrae recounts how he recently met up with Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys…..

The Beach Boys – L to R Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine, Mike Love, Brian Wilson & David Marks In 2006.

In 2010 I was given the ‘go ahead’ and the very real honour of producing the latest Doris Day album ‘My Heart’. In fact I was one of three producers on this project, which turned out to be a little out of the ordinary.

Bruce Johnston And Terry Melcher 1966.

Seven of the album tracks were originally produced by Doris Day’s son, Terry Melcher back in 1985/86 and three of those songs were written, co-written and produced by Bruce Johnston. Bruce and Terry were long time best friends. The original songs were recorded primarily to be included in Doris Day’s ‘Best Friends’ television series at the time and since then, those recordings have remained unreleased.

Because these songs are the final part of Doris Day’s recording legacy, I was asked all these years later to re-visit the songs and update them for an official 2011 release. For me personally, this was the opportunity of a life time, to work with a true Hollywood legend but more importantly, to work with one of the finest female voices in music history. And I have to say, Doris Day is an artist that I have admired all my life.

Doris Day’s ‘My Heart’ Album Was Released September 5th 2011 By Sony UK.

The ‘My Heart’ album was finally released on September 5th 2011, by Sony UK. We all (myself and the team at Sony) expected the album would do well probably over time, but nobody expected it to fly straight into the top ten at number nine and then break some records along the way. It took us by complete surprise, because all of a sudden the public embraced Doris and the album, and we had a massive hit on our hands.

Doris personally took part in a lot of radio and press promotion prior to and just after the release. But to sustain sales, Sony had to think about further promotional opportunities, so they contacted Bruce Johnston at his home in Los Angeles and flew him over to England for a few days of television and radio promotion.

I had no idea at all that Bruce was in town until I received a phone call on the way to a meeting last Wednesday saying that Bruce Johnston had just appeared on the BBC News Programme, talking about the Doris Day album and that he had mentioned my name and that he would like to meet me.

I have a lot of music heroes, but Bruce Johnston and The Beach Boys are right up there at the top. So I called a friend involved with the album project and asked him to try to find out where Bruce was staying, and I then carried on with my scheduled meeting.

During the meeting my phone rang several times but I couldn’t at that point answer it. At the end of the meeting I picked up the messages which contained Bruce’s hotel number. My missed calls register told me that the hotel had also called so I assumed that, that must have been Bruce himself.

I called the hotel immediately, they put me straight through to Bruce and after introductions were made, we had a good chat recalling mutual acquaintances and the fact that both of us have produced two albums for David Cassidy. It was like we had known each other for years. The conversation was so easy and effortless. I told him that I was free on Thursday (the next day) and that we should meet up while he was in London, he said he would see what he could arrange and call me back.

Roger Day BBC Radio Kent…No Relation To Doris.

Later that day, Faye Donaldson, the label manager at Sony, sent an e-mail to invite me to the recording of Bruce’s interview ‘Down The Line’ with Roger Day at BBC Radio Kent the following day.

I caught an early train and arrived at BBC Radio’s Western House in Gt. Portland Street at midday and met Faye from Sony and project PR Joe. When Bruce arrived we hugged like old friends, and went up to studio G3 which was a hive of activity with lots of different artists and representatives also recording their interviews racing around. Bruce and I were whisked into a small studio and all of a sudden there was complete silence, just Bruce and I, two desktop microphones and a couple of sets of headphones, the red light went on and off we went.

Doris Day And Her Son Terry Melcher.

The interview was fantastic. Bruce told lots of Doris Day anecdotes and was very generous by including me in the conversation and passing certain questions over to me to answer. I had a ball working with Bruce, who is a true gentleman and has a very warm personality.

Coincidentally, I had recently done a full hour interview with Roger Day about my career on his live radio show.

L to R: Ted Carfrae, Janis Ian & Bruce Johnston.

After the interview concluded, Bruce and I left the room. Outside was another living legend and heroine of mine, the great Janis Ian. I’ve loved Janis since hearing her first massive hit ‘At Seventeen’, without doubt an example of the perfect pop song. To finally meet her in person was such an honour. Imagine, meeting  two all time heroes in one day, it really doesn’t get better than that.

L to R: Bruce Johnston, Steve Hackett & Ted Carfrae.

Then, we ran into British rock legend, Steve Hackett. I worked on many of Steve’s albums back in my early days at CTS studios when I was an assistant engineer so it was wonderful to meet him again after all these years. The whole experience was great but I didn’t realise, there was more to come.

Bruce had a second interview scheduled for BBC Radio 4 at Broadcasting House, just around the corner and he asked me to join him. What I didn’t realise was that he also wanted me to be a part of this interview as well.

When we arrived at the studio, Bruce announced to the interviewer that he wanted me to also take part in the interview. The reaction of horror and almost panic on the interviewer’s face was really interesting to witness. I was definitely picking up some unwelcome vibes. Bruce however, insisted a second time then looked at me and winked and before I knew it I was sitting next to him again in the studio.

Bruce Johnston On The Right, In The Middle – With The Beach Boys.

After some minor adjustment of chairs the interview began and as expected, Bruce was in fine form recalling lots of amazing anecdotes about growing up and attending Doris Day recording sessions and of course talking about The Beach Boys.  Again, very graciously, Bruce made sure I was included in the conversation. The interview itself was very well researched and Bruce enjoyed it immensely and said so afterwards. It was fun for me as well but between you and me, I’ll be interested to hear the final edited interview to see if I’m still in it.

It was a great day…..meeting Janis Ian and Steve Hackett. And I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest gratitude to Faye and Joe and especially to you Bruce for making yesterday’s visit a highlight in my life and career. Thanks!


September 28, 2011

TCM Music Group, Latest News – Ted Carfrae Interviewed With The Legendary Bruce Johnston At The BBC, 22nd September 2011

TCM’s Ted Carfrae was thrilled to meet up with the legendary Bruce Johnston of the The Beach Boys last week.

L to R: Ted Carfrae, Michael Solomon, Janice Ian And Bruce Johnston At The BBC.

Bruce was in the UK for a quick promotional visit for the Doris Day album ‘My Heart’ released by Sony UK, and requested that Ted join him in his scheduled interviews at the BBC as Ted was the latest and final producer on the album.

Roger Day – BBC Kent.

The first interview was on the Roger Day Show on BBC Kent and can be heard on the BBC iPlayer. Click here for the link. The interview starts at 39 minutes.

Bruce also requested that Ted accompany him and participate in his second interview for BBC Radio 4 at Broadcasting House.

Be sure to check out this Friday’s blog, where Ted recounts his unexpected but emotional meeting with Bruce.


September 16, 2011

The Legendary Doris Day’s Latest Album ‘My Heart’, Produced And Mixed By Top UK Music Producer Ted Carfrae Debuts In The Top 10.

Multi-Platinum UK based Producer, Ted Carfrae of TCM Music Group is proud to have produced the latest album ‘My Heart’, for Grammy award winner Doris Day. This is the Hollywood icon’s first studio album of new material in 17 years and her first ever UK top ten album.

Released in the UK, by Sony UK on September 5th 2011, the album has already charted and reached the top 10. It has also been released across much of Europe as a digital download and released on CD in Germany. Click here for more details.

The album comprises 12 tracks, some originally recorded in 1985 by Day’s late son Terry Melcher.

All of the original recordings were synthesizer based. Ted Carfrae and music partner CJ Boggs wrote brand new arrangements and using top session musicians, they re-recorded new orchestrations with real instruments at their studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The album was mixed and mastered at TCM’s UK music studios in Kent.

Ted recalls ‘I decided at the outset that I wanted to keep the arrangements as simple as possible so that we simply framed the wonderful vocal tracks. It was therefore imperative that our approach was totally about the vocal. We selected the best players we could find. I in particular, wanted to work with James Baker, a UK-based pianist who has the most amazing feel for a song and in the case of ‘You Are So Beautiful’ where it is just piano and Doris, he did an incredible job’.

To read a recent interview with Ted Carfrae, discussing the project and giving a track-by-track appraisal of the album, click here.

Please Note: Part 2 of the Ted Carfrae My Life In Music: The Making Of David Cassidy’s ‘Then And Now’ Album due to be published today, will follow next Friday. 


Sligo Fogg – Sodium Moon.

TCM Mastering’s Ted Carfrae has mastered the latest Sligo Fogg album – Sodium Moon. Click here for download from Amazon.


July 7, 2011

TCM Mastering – Latest News: Exclusive Doris Day BBC Radio 2 Play

World Exclusive First Play Of The New Doris Day Song ‘Heaven Tonight’ – On Paul O’Grady’s BBC 2 Radio Show.

On Sunday 3 July 2011, British fans of Doris Day had an absolute treat as they were given the first listen to one of the all-new songs from Ms. Day’s upcoming album ‘MY HEART’. Sony Music UK released to British radio the catchy ‘Heaven Tonight’ which was written by Beach Boys’ legend Bruce  Johnston.

Doris Day’s – ‘My Heart’ On Paul O’Grady’s BBC Radio 2 Show.

The previously unreleased recording received its first play on BBC Radio 2 during Paul O’Grady’s popular Sunday show at 5pm (UK time). For  those who do not know, O’Grady is one of Britain’s best loved comedians and television presenters. He is also known to be a huge admirer of Ms. Day so it seems entirely appropriate that he was bestowed with the honour of  launching her new album.

The new release – ‘MY HEART’ features new production work by the acclaimed multi-platinum selling producer Ted Carfrae who is best known for his work with David Cassidy and Engelbert Humperdinck as well as British singer Jane McDonald.

At the moment TCM are offering a RED HOT SUMMER DEAL – Ted Carfrae owner and founder of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group will mix and master a track for £175.00 inclusive. For more information please contact TCM by clicking here.


June 23, 2011

TCM Music Group and TCM Mastering Produce, Mix and Master the upcoming new album by Doris Day for Sony UK

TCM’s Ted Carfrae has Produced, Mixed and Mastered the new album by Doris Day entitled ‘My Heart’, for Sony UK.

Comprising 12 tracks some originally recorded in 1985, Ted Carfrae and music partner CJ Boggs re-recorded most of the tracks at their studio’s in Nashville Tennessee, working with top session musicians. The album was mixed and mastered at TCM’s UK music studios.

Doris Day’s Latest Album – My Heart – Released on Sony UK.

My Heart is the latest and long-awaited studio album from legendary Hollywood singer and actress Doris Day. This is Doris Day’s first  studio album of new material in 17 years – a dozen songs of a timeless  quality, with nine brand-new recordings originally produced by Day’s late son, Terry Melcher.

All the selections have been updated, produced and remixed by top UK record producer Ted Carfrae, plus there is a trio of Day classics. Doris Day has been fully involved with the musical selections for this special release.

Her son Terry Melcher, who was known as a songwriter and producer for folk-rock  pioneers The Byrds (“Mr. Tambourine Man”) and other artists, co-wrote four of the new songs with Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston…..the  emotional title track “My Heart,”  the romantic “The Way I Dreamed It,”  the haunting “Happy Endings” (sung by Melcher with a newly recorded  spoken-word introduction by Day for her fans) and the single release  “Heaven Tonight.”

Also on the set list are three classic rock-era  favorites: Joe Cocker’s beautiful ballad “You Are So Beautiful”, the  Lovin’ Spoonful’s joyful 1966 hit “Daydream” and The Beach Boys’ nostalgic “Disney Girls,” the latter written by Bruce Johnston.

The album will be released on September 5th 2011 and can be pre-ordered now from by following this link.

If you’re a legend in the making and you have some tracks that need polishing…..whether it’s producing, recording, mixing or mastering… us. We’re always happy to offer any help we can.