TCM Mastering: Home Music Studio Tips and Information

The last two years have been extremely satisfying and rewarding, but due to work commitments over the next several months, this will be the last TCM Mastering blog.

We hope, that as a home studio user, you have found the TCM Mastering Home Music Studio Blog Series useful and informative.

Of course the blogs will remain available, so please make use of them.

TCM Mastering, the TCM Music Group and the YouTube video channel will continue as usual. So if you have any questions about the recording process or would like more information about our services and facilities, please contact us by clicking here.

TCM Studios UK & Nashville, USA.

I want to thank the many thousands of viewers and visitors to our blog. We have received many kind comments and I hope the information Eric and I have added to the blog in the form of the TCM Mastering Home Music Studio Series, has helped you to improve your engineering and production skills.

Links to various key topics can be found below or use the Tags on the right hand side of the page to take you to your subject of interest.

I sincerely wish everyone the very best in the future and please stay in touch via the website.

TCM Mastering Studio Kent, UK.

Part 56 – Mastering

MIDI Basic Studio Setup.

Part 52 – Intro To MIDI

Part 45 – Mixing Drums

Part 39 – Mixing Vocals

Mixing Desk.

Part 37 – Mixing Music

Shaded Area Showing Section To Be Edited.

Part 35 – Editing Music

Part 29 – Multitrack Recording

EQ Curves On Kick Drum & Bass Guitar.

Part 24 – Signal Processing

Drum Kit With Various Mics Setup.

Part 19 – Recording Drums

Part 13 – Recording Stringed Instruments

Using Figure-8 Mics On Singer/Guitarist.

Part 10 – Recording Acoustic Guitar

Part 9 – Recording Electric & Bass Guitar

Part 8 – Recording Piano

Left to Right: Neumann U87 Condenser, Shure SM58 Dynamic, Avantone CR14 Ribbon Microphones.

Part 5 – Microphone Types

Home Studio Built In Garden Shed.

Part 1 – Your Room

Owned and run by multi-platinum music producer Ted Carfrae, TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group have been providing

a professional, fast and affordable service

to all genres of the music industry for decades – from major record labels and international artists to brand new, up and coming music talent.

Take a look at some recent clients, by clicking here.

If you have questions about recording or would like to know more about what TCM can do for you and your music, our contact details are here.

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