TCM Mastering Home Music Studio Blog: Tips and Information

How do you mic a drum kit? What’s the best way to record a piano? How do I get a great vocal performance?

The TCM Mastering Home Music Studio series of blogs provides answers to these questions and many more. You’ll (hopefully) find that it’s full of useful tips and essential information for the musician working from home.

If you’re thinking about setting up a home studio, then start at the beginning – Part 1 – and work your way through. If you already have a home studio but need help in certain areas of the recording process, you can find what you’re looking for by using the Tags on the right hand side of the page or click on some of the links below.

Part 56 – Mastering

Part 52 – Intro To MIDI

Part 45 – Mixing Drums

Part 39 – Mixing Vocals

Part 35 – Editing Music

Part 29 – Multitrack Recording

Part 24 – Signal Processing

Part 19 – Recording Drums

Part 11 – Recording Acoustic Stringed Instruments

Part 8 – Recording Piano

Part 1 – Your Room

TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group have been offering a…..

professional, fast and affordable

service to the music community for over three decades.

Founded and owned by multi-platinum music producer Ted Carfrae, TCM  have worked with most of the major record labels whilst their clients range from new, up and coming artists to established international musicians.

TCM are also experts in audio restoration and have done work for the BBC and Sky Satellite Radio as well as smaller independent music houses.

Take a look at some of the clients TCM has worked with recently.

If you’d like more information on what Ted and the TCM team can do for you and your music, give us a call or drop us a line. Our contact details can be found by clicking here.

West 1 Entertainment News

In addition, Ted Carfrae formed West 1 Entertainment with business partner James Baker last year (2011) to handle artist management and promotion. One of their acts that continues to stun and excite audiences is…..

Ben – The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Act.

Ben – The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Act is currently touring the UK. The act is 100% totally live, comprising a talented band of musicians, dancers and a professional sound & lighting crew.

If you’re a Michael Jackson fan, Ben – The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Act, is the closest you will ever get to experience Michael Jackson live in concert.

It’s not just another tribute act, but a sincere and totally professional musical tribute to one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen – the incredible Michael Jackson.

Check out the website for more information, by clicking here.

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