How To Get A Great Vocal Recording – The Frank Sinatra Method

Today’s modern digital recording technology makes it simple to edit together different pieces of a performance or fix mistakes. But be careful not to over use the technology at your finger tips. By piecing together lots of bits from various takes, you can destroy any continuity in a vocal and end up with a lifeless track, lacking in soul.

Ted Carfrae of TCM Mastering explains the best way to get a great vocal performance in the studio……this method can be applied to pretty much any musical performance, not just vocals.

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As mentioned in an earlier blog, Ted Carfrae of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group has formed a new business partnership with James Baker…..

West 1 Entertainment

…..which will handle artist management and promotion.

One of the acts that West 1 is very excited about is –

‘Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson’

‘Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson’ is now regarded by many, to be the World’s No.1 Michael Jackson Tribute show. However, it’s not just a tribute act…’s truly a tribute to one of the greatest performers and entertainers of all time.

The music is 100% live.

There are no backing tracks and Ben’s Live in Concert Michael Jackson experience features his incredible band of musicians and talented dancers. Ben and the band are currently hard at work, touring the UK along with his team of professional sound designers and lighting technicians. The shows have received incredible reviews, as the tribute show that has got to be seen to be believed.

Click here to view a few testimonials from some very satisfied clients.

If you love the music of Michael Jackson, check out Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson.

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