TCM Mastering: Home Music Studio Tips and Information

For the time being, the TCM Mastering Home Music Studio series has concluded. At some point in the future, we may decide to continue it or put it all together in a book or PDF format and release it.

So, please continue to check out the 56 parts. You can click on some of the links below or use the Tags on the right of the page to find what you want. You’ll find lots of very useful information and tips for the musician and home studio owner.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. At TCM, we’re all passionate about music and always happy to help. Our contact details are here.

We covered the multitrack process from setup, gear choice, recording various instruments, overdubbing, editing and mixing right through to final Mastering.

We looked at various setups for the home studio and considered in some detail the world of MIDI.

If you’re interested in Signal Processing check out the blogs starting here.

For info on mic types and techniques for recording many of the instruments you’ll encounter, start by taking a look at this blog.

TCM have been providing a professional, fast and affordable service to the music industry for decades. So if you have a music project that needs recording, production, mixing or mastering services, give us a call or drop us a line. And don’t forget, TCM are also experts in audio restoration.

All of us at TCM are passionate about music in all its various forms and we’re here to help.

Click here for the contact details.

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