TCM Mastering: Online Mastering – The Best Specifications

Ted Carfrae owner and founder of TCM Music Group and TCM Mastering discusses the best specifications for online mastering…..

TCM Studios: Ted Carfrae In UK & CJ Boggs In Nashville, USA.

Once you have a final mix of your music track(s) that you’re happy with, a professional mastering job will go a long way to show your music off at its best. Especially, if you intend to try to find a publishing deal or recording contract, or even release it on You Tube or My Space.

You can of course try mastering your music yourself. However, the mastering options available to the home musician are often limited by the equipment and lack of expertise.

By the time you’re ready to master your music, you’ll most likely have spent lots of time, effort and money getting to that stage. So it makes sense to employ the services of a trained professional, who specialises in this particular task and has access to the best equipment.

A professional mastering engineer is specifically skilled in this final part of the music process, and very importantly, provides a fresh pair of trained ears.

Clockwise From Top Left: Ted Carfrae & Jaki Graham; In The TCM Mastering Studio;  With Cilla Black; David Cassidy & Mike Tocci; Ted With Awards; Ted, CJ and Troy Luccketta.

Check out who our clients were in 2011.

More Important ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ To Follow Before Getting Your Music Mastered Online.

1. If your mixes are of poor quality, for example unbalanced, over compressed or over equalised. Mastering will do little to improve them.

2. TCM Mastering recommend you use the following high quality audio file formats when making your music: WAV, AIFF, SDII at 16 or 24 bit sample rates, or higher. Although we can work with MP3 files (minimum bit rate of 192Kbps) we strongly recommend you do not work in this format as they are of a compressed, substandard quality and not ideal for high-end mastering.

3. For your final mixes avoid any additional processing such as: Normalising, Equalisation, Compression, Limiting or Finalizing. These elements will be added during the mastering process.

4. If you want to compress your audio files prior to uploading to TCM, we recommend that you use the Windows RAR/Winzip format which can compress your files without loss of quality.

If you are unsure about any of the terms or details above, please contact us by clicking here, we’ll be happy to chat and explain the process.

Finally – You are the most important person in this process. So please tell us what your expectations are of the music you send to us. Music is very subjective and therefore the more guidance we have from you at the beginning, the better your end result will be.

So when you place an order at TCM Mastering we ask you to take the time to complete the ‘Special Instructions’ box of our online order form.

TCM Mastering is a division of the TCM Music Group which was founded by record producer and mastering engineer Ted Carfrae. TCM offers the following professional services: Record Production, Mixing Services, Audio Mastering & Audio Restoration.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, Ted Carfrae of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group has formed a new business partnership with James Baker – West 1 Entertainment – which will handle artist management and promotion.

One of the acts that West 1 is very excited about is…..

‘Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson’

See below for upcoming tour dates.

This weekend’s dates for Ben – A Tribute To Michael Jackson are…..

19th April—–Congress Theatre / Eastbourne
21st April—–Carnegie Theatre / Cumbria
22nd April—-The Pavilion Theatre / Glasgow

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