TCM Mastering: Professional, Fast & Affordable

Over the last year, TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group were fortunate enough to work with a huge variety of musicians and entertainers…..from relative unknowns to international stars…..with several amazing projects either restored or produced, mixed and mastered by Ted Carfrae and CJ Boggs, both here in the UK and in Nashville, USA.

TCM provide a professional, fast and affordable service to all musicians.

Why not give us a call and see what TCM can do for your music. Contact us by clicking here.

Take a look at some of our clients from last year.

EMI Records – Mastering, Universal Music – Mixing & Mastering,

Sony – Production, Mixing & Mastering,

Level 14 Studios (Nashville)Production, Mixing & Mastering.

Michael Constantino – Mastering, Beto HaleMastering,

Hex Hector (NYC) – Production & Mastering.

Dusty Springfield – Remixing,

DJ HiFiSean – Mastering, James Scott, Mastering.

Strawberry Rain Music – Restoration & Mastering,

Joey Moskowitz (NYC) – Production & Mastering.

Sligo Fogg – Mastering,

Jackie Deshannon – Mixing, BJ Thomas – Mixing.

Kelly Doze – Mastering, CYLiX – Mastering,

JPD Productions –  Mastering.

Klubkidz – Mastering,

Figjam Records NYC – Project Development.

Ray Prim – Mastering,

Julian Marsh (Florida) – Production & Mastering.

Vince Hill – Restoration,

Gregg Morrish (Wales) – Production & Mastering.

Doris Day ‘My Heart’ – Production & Mixing,

Tahsin Oygar – Mastering, Lee Austin – Mastering.

2 Wired (Germany) – Mastering,

Rechord Studios (Greece) – Mastering.

SES – Mastering,

508 Park Avenue Records (Texas) – Mastering.

Robert Gillies – Mixing & Mastering,

Markus Teders – Mastering, George Labiris – Mastering.

Petula Clark – Mastering,

Stephen Weller – Mastering, Dean Westbrook – Mastering,

Stephen Morant – Mastering, Liam Thomas – Mastering.

If you have any questions regarding the recording or mixing process, drop us a line. Our contact details are here. We love to hear from you.

And don’t forget, TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group provide a professional, fast and affordable service to musicians of all genres.

So if you have some songs that need producing, recording, mixing or mastering contact us for details on our rates and some incredible recording packages.

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