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It’s tough getting your music noticed these days, unless you happen to go viral on You Tube. So how do you get your music to stand out from the crowd?

Get On You Tube With One Of These And It Should Get You Noticed!

Mastering can add that final polish or sparkle to your music.

Many musicians attempt to master their own music tracks. Some manage to get good results. Whilst others end up with a final mastered track or collection of tracks that lack punch, clarity and definition.

If you don’t know what to listen for, you can ruin a perfectly good mix. Let’s face it, you don’t hear of many top bands mastering their own material. They all seek out a seasoned mastering engineer. There are good reasons for that.

From the TCM Mastering Studio in the UK, Ted Carfrae briefly explains the essence of mastering in the video below.

Out of all the different stages in making music, mastering seems to be the least understood. So to find out more information, visit the TCM Mastering Website or contact Ted by clicking here.

One of the problems with mastering your own music is…’s very difficult to be objective about a project which you’ve spent days, weeks or months writing, recording and mixing. Far better to get another pair of experienced ears to work on this final, crucial part of the technical process.

Ted Carfrae and CJ Boggs at TCM Mastering have been writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering music for decades.

Despite having years of experience working with EMI, Sony Music, Universal Music and everyone from Katherine Jenkins, David Cassidy, Jaki Graham to Cilla Black – Ted still seeks out another mastering engineer for his own projects because he values a fresh pair of professional ears.

Fronted by top record producers and engineers Ted Carfrae and CJ Boggs, with worldwide sales exceeding 25 million, the TCM Music Group understands what musicians want and can deliver professional, fast and affordable services at a rate to suit every pocket. Take a look at last year’s client list including many up and coming artists.

Click here to find out more about our recording packages.


If you’d like to get in touch with TCM click here for our contact details.

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