TCM MASTERING: Christmas Gifts For The Musician

In the run up to Christmas, we thought a few ideas for presents might not be amiss. After all, you can never have enough gear.

Don’t forget to check out e-Bay and local ads for those occasional bargains too.

We’ll restrict our suggestions to smaller presents, the kind you might want to find as stocking fillers.

Stagg Slide Chromatic Harmonica C Major BJH-C48.

For around £40 from Stagebeat in the UK, the Stagg Slide Chromatic Harmonica comes with a hard case.

Shure 520 DX Green Bullet Harmonica Microphone.

The Green Bullet mic tradition for harp blues players is continued and improved with Shure’s 520 DX Harmonica Microphone, from Stagebeat again for around £126.

Boss FBM-1 Fender ’59 Bassman & TU-3 Chromatic Tuner.

The FBM-1 brings the natural fat, rich, bright tone of the Fender Bassman to a Boss pedal for around £109 from Dolphin Music. Also from Dolphin Music the Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-3 costs around £69.

Blue Microphones enCORE 100 & Audio Technica AT2020.

From Sweetwater, USA – the Blue Microphone enCORE 100 handheld dynamic, tuned for vocals, costs around $69.  Or try the Audio Technica AT2020, around $99 – great mic for the price, use it on vocals and acoustic guitars.

Zoom Q3HD.

 The Zoom Q3HD is ideal for recording your band rehearsals, both audio and video. And all for $299. Okay we’re leaving the cheap gear behind for a moment, but this unit is a great piece of kit. I wouldn’t mind one of these myself. Click here for more info.

M-Audio UNO MIDI USB Interface.

If you’re putting together a basic MIDI setup the M-Audio UNO USB interface could be just what you need. It has 1 in/1 out MIDI, the USB connects to your computer. Price $36. Just be aware that it’s not compatible with Yamaha keyboards.  To be safe, check for compatibility with your keyboard make.

The Cherub Blue Metronome.

For those of you who need to be encouraged to keep a steady beat, the Cherub Blue Metronome does the job. It has a clockwork mechanism, so no batteries are required. Priced around £20.

Shubb C4 Nickel Capo.

Some Guitarists frown on the use of a Capo, but there are times when they can come in useful. Price around £19 from Gifted Musician.

Geipel Violin Rosin.

An essential accessory for the Violinist for around £5, from Gifted Musician.

Set Of 6 Dava Grip Tips Delrin Medium, Guitar Picks.

A perfect stocking filler for any Guitarist is a set of Dava Grip Tips. These can be found at Guitar Center, for around £6 for a set of 6.

DrumDial Drum Tuner.

I haven’t personally tried this bit of gear, but it has good reviews. DrumDial Drum Tuner allows you to tune tympani, snare, kick or toms without even hitting the drum head. From the Guitar Center for around £45.

ProLine PL-1100 Padded Keyboard Bench.

For around £30 you can get the ProLine PL-1100 Keyboard Bench. Adjustable height, padded and tear resistant. Okay, you might find it difficult getting it in as a stocking filler, but every Keyboard player needs one (also from Guitar Center).

Hope you found these suggestions useful. Check out the various links for more ideas. And if you have a music project, or songs that need producing, mixing or mastering get in touch with us. Our contact details are here.

Seasons Greetings To All Our Readers From Ted And Everyone At TCM Mastering & TCM Music Group.

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