TCM MASTERING: Ted Carfrae Restores Entire EMI Collection Of Vince Hill Albums

Ted Carfrae of TCM Mastering and TCM Music Group has just restored all of Vince Hill’s EMI albums at the singer’s request.

Vince Hill is arguably the most prolific recording artist in the history of Columbia and EMI Records. He has released a staggering sixteen albums in just eight years; about twenty-four singles, of mostly non album tracks; EP’s and foreign language records, sung in Spanish, German and Italian.

In a career spanning five decades, Vince Hill became a household name and was known as ‘The Singer’s Singer’. His impressive list of concerts, features practically every major venue in the world including Sydney Opera House, London’s Royal Albert Hall and the world famous London Palladium.

Vince Hill earned a national and international reputation with hit records, prestigious concerts, top Radio and Television series. He also had two hugely successful BBC series – ‘They Sold A Million’ and ‘The Musical Time Machine’ – which regularly brought in audiences of twenty million and his own talk show – ‘Gas Street’.  In addition, Vince hosted his own primetime television series in Canada.

Every Vince Hill release is a true ‘master class’ in vocal phrasing and precision and we hope that he will finally be given the recognition he deserves as a recording artist with this incredible body of work.

The TCM Music Group owned and founded by Ted Carfrae, have a long and distinguished track record in music restoration. For more information on this service, click here.

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