TCM Music Group’s Ted Carfrae Discusses Vocal Tips and Microphone Techniques

TCM’s Ted Carfrae discusses some important vocal tips and in the video at the end of this blog considers microphone technique.

If you’ve watched and listened to a really good singer, they make it look so effortless don’t they. Making it look easy usually comes after many years of rehearsing and practice. There are child prodigies of course, which make you think they must be just naturally talented…..but even prodigies practice.

A Unique Vocalist – Ella Fitzgerald.

In fact studies have shown that virtuoso musicians for the most part have become virtuosos because they have spent several hours every day perfecting their craft over many years, at the expense of doing other things…, having a life.

In other words, for most virtuosos there’s no short cut to becoming the best in your field. It simply takes lots and lots of practice. As Nike said ‘Just Do It’.

So if you want to become a great singer, be prepared to put in those hours and learn your craft. Apart from any natural talent you may have, there are certain things you can do to help you get there.

Vocalist Recording – Standing, Upright Posture.

Let’s start with some basics…..posture and breathing.

You can’t expect your vocals to sound good if you’re bent over. Stand up straight so that your lungs can fill with air…..straight spine…..feet slightly apart…..look straight ahead…..shoulders back and relaxed…..arms down by your side.

To become a great singer you need to be able to control your breathing. Make full use of your diaphragm to take deep breaths… the throat…..ribs expand, opening the lungs… you breath out, the chest moves in and air is expelled.

Consider the points below too…..

  • Stretching your whole body before singing can often produce beneficial results. Give yourself a good mini-workout.
  • Milk and citrus fluids can produce mucous which does not do your voice any favours. Water is good, it keeps you and your vocal chords hydrated.
  • Vocal warm up exercises are useful if you’re recording or going for an audition.
  • If you have an important audition or recording session, don’t over do it the night before. Talking over loud music in a smokey bar or at a party will strain your voice.
  • Make use of a recorder to capture a rehearsal and play it back so that you can hear the positives as well as any negatives with your voice.

Zoom H4 Handy Recorder – Excellent Quality In A Small Device.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to, improve your vocal technique.

And in case you’re thinking your favourite rocker doesn’t do all this – well, some don’t that’s true…..many successful singers appear to break all the rules, but even they have voice coaches and trainers…..these days.

Check out the video below. Ted Carfrae (singer, producer, sound mixer and founder of TCM Music Group) discusses vocal performance and microphone technique.

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