MP3s or WAVs? What Audio File Types Are Best For The Mastering Process?

In the video below, Ted Carfrae at TCM Mastering explains the importance of providing TCM with the best file format for mastering your music.

And now TCM will supply free DDP files of your finished mastered tracks…..see below the video for more details.

Also check out the Latest TCM Music Group News re: Doris Day album release, at the bottom of today’s blog.

TCM Mastering now supply DDP files free of charge with all Album and Singles Mastering orders.

A DDP file, or Disc Description Protocol file is now the industry standard format used by all professional pressing plants worldwide.

Nowadays you can deliver your final master to a pressing plant in two ways, on CD or as a DDP file.

CD’s are okay but no matter how good your CD burner is, or the quality of your media, there will always be inherent errors in the subcode data which is not ideal. These errors can cause problems when the pressed CD is played on different CD players.

DDP files are usually delivered electronically or on DVD data disc and the DDP file has a far superior error correction rate and this ensures that your master will be as error free as possible.

Let TCM Mastering take care of all your professional mastering needs and let us make sure that you have a trouble-free replication experience.

We can deliver your DDP file and data directly to you, or alternatively to your contact at the replication plant. It’s all part of our ongoing committment to excellent customer service.

Contact us today, click here for more information.

Latest TCM Music Group News:

Billboard Magazine Article: Legendary singer and actress Doris Day  releases 29th album September 5th 2011 via Sony UK. Check out the – Artists In This Article ”Doris Day To Release 29th Album”.

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