Quincy Jones’ Advice To TCM’s Ted Carfrae

In the Home Music Studio’s series of blogs we’ve been discussing the ‘mechanics’ of recording…..what gear to use and how to best use the gear of your choice. We’ve also touched on the temptations of using all the facilities at hand…..the hundreds of tracks available with some digital systems, the endless choice of plug-ins and signal processing you have at your fingertips today…..and advised that ‘more’ isn’t always better.

Careful choice of instruments – how they are arranged and produced, determines how good a track will sound at the end of the day. But equally important is the choice of the song. As Quincy Jones explained to Ted, if a song doesn’t connect with you it’s going to be much harder to make it work and convince other people that it works.

It’s often good to get advice and feedback from others before you spend too much time on a song. Take those comments and use them positively to improve your music. You have to stay true to yourself obviously, but remember it’s very easy to get carried away with your own ideas and think they’re right. This is especially true if you’re working on your own as a solo artist and overdubbing every instrument yourself. The feedback you get from collaboration and listening to others can sometimes be priceless.

If you have any more questions on the Mastering process either contact us or check out the FAQs on the TCM Mastering website. We love to hear from you.

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