Restoration Good Enough For The BBC!

As well as providing a superb mastering service, TCM offers a top quality audio restoration service.

Do you have an LP or collection of albums that you would like converting to CD format?

A lot of  companies offering vinyl restoration use cheap software and rely heavily on automated use of algorithms and presets to clean up and restore the original disc. At TCM we delete clicks and pops by hand as well as using Cedar declickers.

We have restored music from just about every format from analogue tape to acetates. It is a delicate balance between removing the unwanted clicks, snaps, pops, buzzes and hums and ensuring that the music itself is not altered or affected adversely.

Our experience in restoration is second to none. We restored the BBC record library to various digital formats over a period of 4 years, so we know what we are doing.

We have also restored hundreds of private record collections.

There are literally thousands of LPs and singles that never got remastered to CD. So if you would like us to restore your single favourite album of all time, or your entire precious record collection, go to TCM Audio Restoration for further information.

Top quality audio restoration is now available to everyone. If you want to contact us click here.

For all you home musicians out there, be sure to check out our blog on Monday. We’ll be discussing the various gear options in our Home Music Studio series.

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