TCM MASTERING: Petula Clark and a Cult Movie

Latest Mastering News:

TCM Master a New Petula Clark Readers Digest Career Spanning 3CD Set.
Readers Digest have released the 3 CD Essential Collection mastered by TCM’s Ted Carfrae last October.

The Time Traveller DVD is available in the US:

80’s Cult film ‘The Time Traveller’ is available on DVD in the US. The 1982 film, originally titled ‘The Next One’ (later retitled: The Time Traveller) features the song ‘The Next One’ which was sung by TCM’s Ted Carfrae.

Ted says about the recording session; “I was only about twenty years old and my manager at the time got me the gig, the song was written by the late, great Stanley Myers, Richard Harvey and the films director Nico Mastorakis who also attended the recording session. Nico was an iconic Greek film director with a hugely respected body of work, so it was great to be working with him.

I  remember that the song was set in a really high key for me and they wanted it to sound sort of angelic and like a choir boy.

That was a bit of a tall order because at the time I was singing in a rock band which was interesting in itself because the bandmembers were made up of some of the sons of sixties band The Shadows. We had Warren Bennett [son of Brian] on drums and Bruce Welch’s son on guitar.

Anyway, back to the story – we recorded at The Snake Ranch studios in Chelsea, London and as it turned out, it was a fateful and historic day for all the wrong reasons.

During the recording session there was an enourmous bang and the room shook violently. We stopped what we were doing and rushed outside thinking it was a gas explosion or something, we looked around and could see black smoke rising in the air and realised it had been an explosion of some kind.

We returned to the studio and turned on the news and they reported a massive IRA bomb at the Chelsea Barracks just down the road from us. It was a huge shock to me particularly back then realising firstly just how close we were to the barracks and secondly the many wonderful men and animals that died that day.

Hours later, after the initial shock of what had just happened, we finished the song and I remember it being really hard to concentrate and hit those really high notes. I’ve never ever forgotten the experience.”

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2 Comments on “TCM MASTERING: Petula Clark and a Cult Movie”

  1. Richard Harries Says:

    Is there a track listing for the Petula clark set please?

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