I’ve been in the Music Business in one form or another for over 30 years and feel really fortunate to have been in an industry that was so much fun whilst being paid too.

When I started out in the music industry back in 1978, I was thrown into the most exciting world of music I could ever have imagined. CTS studios where I worked had four studios – Studio 1 where we recorded 80 piece orchestras for film soundtrack albums, Studio 2 where we recorded music for television, Studio 3 which was the Rock studio and then Studio 4 which was a small project studio.

CTS also had one of the top mastering/cutting rooms in London so I was surrounded by the best in the business. I worked 18 hour days regularly, seven days a week most weeks and I loved every second of it. I was a sponge, soaking up whatever the studio could throw at me and after a while I began to take it all in my stride but when I think back now, I was so incredibly lucky.

The Early Days – Ted Carfrae

I remember that in one day I worked on the For Your Eyes Only demo with Sheena Easton, Victor Victoria soundtrack with Julie Andrews in the afternoon and something with the great Ella Fitzgerald that she was re-recording for television in the evening. That was just one day – how lucky was I.

I was surrounded and influenced by so many great people and I have to thank them all for everything I know about making music.

The one aspect of music making that I have never lost is recording live in the studio. Almost without exception, every record I have ever produced was made this way for several reasons. For me a great record is all about capturing a great performance and in that respect especially with vocalists, I am a slave driver but more of that in my next blog.

There is nothing better than getting into the studio with the best session musicians you can muster with everyone playing together as a band. Nowadays with modern work station such as Pro Tools which I love by the way, producers and musicians pretty much overdub everything in layers and cut and paste these layers to create perfection.

Live recording is not about perfection it is about capturing musical magic. I have so many great memories of recording this way. It’s immediate and it’s spontaneous and always unexpected.

Recently, I went to Nashville to record four songs with my partner CJ Boggs at our new studio facility, it was to try out one of our recording packages, more details at TCMMusicgroup. CJ and I assembled a basic rhythm section of the best guys in town and we cut and finished 4 songs in a single day. It was such a joy, and generally after a couple of takes and we had it in the can.

Whenever you get the chance, try recording this way, it is truly liberating and you never know, you too may create a classic record.

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